Best Gaming Chairs under 20000 in India

Best Gaming Chairs under 20000 in India

Are you looking for a true and immersive gaming experience? Do you require both comfort and thrill while gaming? We have just the right list of the best gaming chairs under 20000 in the Indian market for you. Without a comfortable seating posture, gaming can become a complete nightmare. While getting immersed in the game, make sure to take care of your health by using one of these listed chairs. The list of chairs we mention here will suit all types of gamers and needs. These include just the right amount of equipment in them. The chairs are designed to give you the utmost level of comfort possible. Some of them are specially designed for gamers and others can be used for office work too. These chairs add beauty and style to your room as well, giving it a classy look. Moreover, some of them are absolutely advanced just to suit specific gamer needs. Now you don’t need to worry about that aching back of yours when you sit for long gaming hours. Because we have got you covered by these luxurious looking yet comfy gaming chairs. Relaxation is the topmost priority for us and this has been made sure by the manufacturers of these chairs. So let us quickly dive into the best of gaming chairs so that you can have your ideal pick.

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1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

When it comes to choosing the top-quality gaming chairs, how can this one be given a miss? Green Soul Monster Ultimate S is one of the most top-rated gaming chairs in the market. This chair is designed to give the gamer the highest level of comfort and support. Green Soul is specifically constructed for gamers who are used to sitting for extended periods of time. The foamy cover of the chair is soft and supporting which gives the optimum level of ease. Keeping in mind the core values a high level of standard, this gaming chair never disappoints. The manufacturer of Green Soul commits to adding the right amounts of precision and superiority while making these chairs. With this latest edition of Green Soul Gaming Chair, you can experience the highest level of ecstasy and solace. Also, it is guaranteed to provide you with one of the best thrilling experiences of all.

Choose Model T, if your height is more than 6 Feet: Link

  • Brand – Green Soul
  • Form Factor – Upholstered
  • Material – Metal
  • Back Style – Solid Back
  • Colour – Blue
  • Upholstery Material – Spandex Fabric & PU Leather
  • Recline Degree – Upto 180º
  • Foam – Seat made of Moulded Foam
  • Armrests – Carbon Texture 4D Armrests
  • Seat Type – Flat Seat
  • Mechanism – Deer Mechanism
  • Base – Heavy Duty Metal Base
Why you should buy it?
  • Multi-functional chair
  • Uses best in Class Fabric
  • Flat and Spacious Seat
  • 4D Armrests
  • Neck/Head Support Pillow
  • Back Support using Lumbar Pillow
  • 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects
Gaming Chairs India

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2. CELLBELL GC03 Transformer Series Gaming Chair

For the ones passionate about gaming but on a friendly budget, Cellbell has got you covered. Also, if you want a great entry-level gaming chair experience, this is the best way to go. This gaming chair is genuinely priced at around Rs 15000 but gives you the quality of a high-end brand. It is cool, stylish and attractive and gives a charming aura to your gaming room. Assembling this chair is also super easy as the company provides a friendly reach of support staff. With that being said, how does it feel sitting on it? Super Comfy! The chair comes with a lumbar cushion which is so restful to sit on. The chair is designed in such a way, that you can make easy adjustments according to your postures. Because the chair appears so elegant, you can also use it for your hectic office work. It is one of the best gaming chair one can buy under Rs 20,000.

  • Brand – CELLBELL
  • Form Factor – Recliner
  • Material – Faux Leather
  • Back Style – Cushion
  • Colour – Blue Black
  • Furniture base movement – Swivel
  • Item model number – CBHKFGC1003
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH – 55.9 x 73.7 x 137.2 cm
  • Item Weight – 19 kg
Why you should buy this gaming chair?
  • This gaming chair is Ergonomically outstanding
  • Supports up to 130 Kg of weight with ease
  • Recline Degree – Upto 180º
  • Button Adjustable Padded Arm-rest
  • Height Adjustable Lever
  • Metal Wheel Base
  • Very Comfortable to using even during long sitting hours
  • Durable
Gaming Chairs India

3. Green Soul Fiction Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Looking to buy the best gaming chair under 20000 in India? Well, guess what you are at the right place may have found the best gaming chair under this price range. Yes, I am not kidding this might be one of the best gaming chai by Green Soul in this price range.

This Green Soul Fiction Gaming Chair is perfect for those who goes on beast mode during long gaming sessions. It is very well ergonomically designed with comfort using top-quality build materials. It comes with 10 different color options, so you choose the best which suits you and your gaming room.

Designed with ultra-fine breathable fabric Perforated PU leather allows for better air circulation and heat dissipation. The moulded foam seat and lumbar back support will keep you comfortable all day.

Chair Assembly is also very easy and can be assembled in a few minutes. It also comes with 3 years on. site warranty.

  • Brand – Green Soul
  • Form Factor – Recliner
  • Material – Other
  • Back Style – Wing Back
  • Furniture base movement – Swivel
  • Product Dimensions – 49D x 70W x 124H cm
  • Recline Degree – Upto 180º
  • Foam – Seat made of Moulded Foam
  • Armrests – Carbon Texture 4D Armrests
  • Seat Type – Racing Car Bucket Seat
  • Base – Heavy Duty Metal Base
  • Mechanism – Butterfly Mechanism
  • Item Weight – 23 kg
Why you should buy this gaming chair?
  • Uses Upholstery Materials
  • Very well ergonomically designed
  • Hydraulic Gas Lift – Class 4
  • Height Suitability: 5ft – 5ft.10
  • Carbon textured 4D Armrest
  • 3 years on-site Warranty
  • Flat and Spacious Seat
Gaming Chairs India

4. Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This is the first of its kind gaming chair which is inspired by the passion of Indian gamers out there. It turns your room into a sleek classy looking world that you would want to revisit over and over. Also, the overall stitch quality and material used in this chair are outstanding. The level of comfort it gives while you play is truly unmatchable. The most special feature about this chair is its adjustable Backrest Angle. It can be regulated to balance up your posture needs in the most comfortable of ways. Having the capacity of tilting to suit your body needs, the Drogo Multi-Purpose Gaming chair is here to make your gaming a fun ride. The chair’s amazing ergonomic design is fascinating. The soft cushiony leather gives you the quality comfort you would need in long gaming hours. Also, if you want quality and some tough stuff to last long, this can be your best pick.

It has a wing-shaped back that looks particularly attractive and offers full support to your spine. You can comfortably read a book by shifting the chair 180 degrees or by taking a rest. There is a hassock included in this gaming chair, which can be utilized when you want to take a few minutes to relax for a few minutes.

Nylon is used for the chair’s base, and the wheels function without any problems. Metal bases should be used in this price range but nylon is also a solid material, so it shouldn’t be a concern. The chair can handle a most extreme load of up to 120kg and includes the main replacement option.

As a whole, this is likewise an excellent gaming chair. However, it does not come with any guarantee except for the main replacement. 

  • Brand – BAYBEE
  • Material – Leather
  • Back Style – Wing Back
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation – 120 kg
  • Furniture base movement – Swivel
  • Colour – Maroon Red
  • Room Type – Office
  • Product Dimensions – 56D x 68W x 130H cm
  • Item model number – DGC001_WRD
  • Item Weight – 18 kg
Why you should buy this gaming chair?
  • Wing-back Support
  • Thickened Cushion
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Heavy-duty Iron Frame
  • Massage Lumbar
  • Headrest Waistrest System
  • Retractable Footrest
Gaming Chairs India

5. Casa Copenhagen RX100 Racing Gaming Chair

When it comes to quality gaming chairs with a genuine price, this one cannot be given a miss. Casa Copenhagen is one such stunning and sleek chair that promises quality over quantity. This awesome gaming chair can be used for long gaming sessions. It also comes with a footrest that is padded well and is soft and comfy to use. The padded headrest gives high-level ease and support to the neck and head. This would ensure you don’t get headaches if you play for long hours. The rollers of the chair are pretty sturdy and would not easily wear off. The metal used in the rollers is quite of a high quality which makes them wear and tear-resistant. The head windows provide proper air ventilation and maximum support to your spine.  The armrests are broader and fluffier making them extremely comfy. This ergonomic chair is sure to provide you with all the ease for your arms, shoulders, head and neck. So if you want a great gaming chair from amazon, this is the way to go!

  • Brand – Casa Copenhagen
  • Special Feature – Arm_Rest, Ergonomic, Swivel
  • Size – Gaming Chair with Light
  • Room Type – Office
  • Colour – White & Blue Berry
  • Material – Aluminium
  • 2 Years Brand Warranty
  • Item Weight – 23 kg 100 g
Why you should buy this Gaming Chair?
  • Headrest Pillow
  • Tilt Locking Mechanism
  • Quiet and Smooth Casters
  • Adjustable Armrest
  • Lumbar Cushion
  • Soft Seat Cushion
  • 180º Completely Lay Down
Gaming Chairs India

6. Cooler Master Caliber R2 High Back Gaming Chair

Looking for a gaming chair for live streaming? Well, I guess your search is over then! The Cooler Master gaming chair is one such, solely designed for live streaming. It won’t be wrong if I say it can be listed among the topmost comfy chairs in the Indian market. In addition to comfort, the appearance of this chair too is super classy and attractive. Designed to be placed in any sort of room, this chair is bound to have an impact through its looks. Also, it is quite spacious and has a maximum carrying capacity of 150 Kg. That’s a pretty good deal I must say! The taller ones now need not worry, because this chair will fit you as well. As the brand is pretty famous, the manufacturers take every chair very seriously. With an attached footrest that is quite soft and fluffy, this chair leaves you at ease. Cooler Master Chair is featured by 360 degrees of rotation on which you stretch your body completely. The chair is characterized by thickened steel frames that ensure its reliability and longevity. The soft and cushiony material of Cooler Master is sure to give you the best possible relaxation. Because of the high density of sponge, the chair is prone to wear and tear. This will ensure that it lasts a really long time. The wide backrest is sure to give you proper support for long gaming hours. Overall, Cooler Master gaming chair is sure to give you comfort like that of a high-end brand.

  • Brand – Cooler Master
  • Room Type – Office, Game Recreation Room
  • Colour – Black
  • Form Factor – Metal
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Item model number – CMI-GCR2-2019BB
  • Furniture Finish – Leather
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation – 150 kg
  • Item Weight – 21.5 Kg
Why buy this Gaming Chair?
  • Durable and Strong
  • Race, Recline, Rest
  • For gaming chairs, stability is critical. Caliber R2 has a fully cast steel base with 5 smooth rolling race-style casters.
  • Caliber R2 is an original Cooler Master product, built with one-of-a-kind components that reflect Cooler Master’s distinct style of killer looks and raw performance.
  • Very Well Ergonomically designed
  • Budget Friendly
Gaming Chairs India

7. Dr Luxur LEEROY Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This Dr Luxur LEEROY gaming chair can be an ideal choice for you. For this price range, if you are getting premium features like that of a high-end brand, it’s worth it. In addition to this, it gives you the most trendy designs and color varieties. Moreover, the dense, cushiony seat and back will give maximum comfort. Dr Luxur LEEROY is committed to making top-quality gaming chairs for pro gamers. The thick padded seat and back create a whole new level of comfort. The armrest and seat height are adjustable with variation in movements while playing. The removable headrest and lumbar cushion are also an added bonus to the comfortable gaming experience. For better motion and stability, these chairs are equipped with smooth-rolling casters. It also comes with complete hardware and tools needed while assembling the chair. The easy lock tilt adjustments make it easy for you to move swiftly during long gaming hours. With all these superior features combined, this can surely be one of the best gaming chairs under Rs 20,000.

  • Brand – Dr Luxur Store
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation – 165 kg
  • Form Factor – Recliner
  • Material – Polyurethane
  • Colour – Multicolour
  • Furniture base movement – Swivel
  • Product Dimensions – 55D x 67W x 131.5H cm
  • Item Weight – 20 kg
  • Item model number – Leeroy
Why buy this Gaming Chair?
  • High-Density Molded Cushions
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Multi-layer Synthetic Leather
  • 2D Armrests
  • Steel Reinforced body
  • Very well Designed
  • Suitable for long game sessions
Gaming Chairs India

So how to choose the Best Gaming Chair for yourself?

Best Gaming Chairs under 20000 in India

We are here to guide you on that as well. Based on certain interests and behavior patterns we can surely help you find your best fit.

  • The most vital factor to consider is the level of comfort. So for the pro gamers, playing for longer hours is a daily thing. In that case, you may require a model with sturdy features to support your back for long hours.
  • The second important factor to consider would be the chair material. PU leather and PVC leather are considered to be the most durable of all. Also, it is wear and tear-resistant which helps allow the chair to last long. Pro gamers would always consider this one factor while buying a gaming chair.
  • This factor may not be vital for some but the gamers with a repo would want to consider it. The gamers concerned about the look of their chair may go for trendy ones. A variety of colors and trendy designs are important criteria in this. As a gaming chair changes the entire look of the room, this point is worth keeping in mind.
  • Fourth factor to be kept in mind is the size of a gaming chair. Different people can weigh differently. Also, each one of us has a unique height. So you must keep these specifications in mind before buying a gaming chair. For the bulky people, you can go for a more spacious one which has a good weight carrying capacity. For the taller ones, look out for the chairs which can be adjusted according to different heights.
  • The final factor to consider is obviously the most important, the budget! If you are a game enthusiast and don’t mind spending any amount, go for the top-rated of all, which assures best of quality. But if you are someone on a budget, you may look for a gaming chair that has equipment equal to the high-end models. A good gaming chair need not always cost you too much. It is just that you need a little research to choose the best pick.

Concluding Words!

It is vital to keep your comfort and health in mind while playing for long hours. Buying an inexpensive gaming chair is one of the best decisions you can make. With this list, you can be sure of choosing at least one best pick for yourself. Gone are the days of intense back pain while playing for long hours. Also, if you feel like sleeping, these chairs are designed so well that you can rest for hours on them too. The comfort level is so high that you won’t feel that a bed is a better option. Sounds like fun, right?  Now you can enjoy gaming for as much time as you want. That would assure that you don’t compromise on your health. Also, these chairs come with a warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Tempting, right? Well, that’s our motto, to provide you with stuff that benefits you in all ways! We hope that until now you may have made a  choice for yourself. If not, go get your hands on one as soon as possible. Enjoy the gaming days!

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