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Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair Review – Buying Guide 2022

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Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair Review

The Green Soul Beast Series gaming chair is made from high-quality fabrics and comes with a 3-year warranty. This gaming chair comes with 3D armrests that are fully adjustable and feature an interlocking assembly system for maximum support and comfort.

The Green Soul Beast Series gaming chair comes with a variety of features including an adjustable lumbar pillow, a removable and adjustable headrest pillow for maximum comfort, a racing bucket seat, and an adjustable backrest with various locking options.

A well-made, high-quality chair is a perfect combination of style, comfort, and function. The Beast Series Gigantic gaming chair features breathable fabric that doesn’t get as hot as other leather or mesh chairs.

Chair Features:

  • The chair comes with an adjustable and removable headrest pillow to provide maximum comfort.
  • The chair includes a removable and adjustable Lumbar Support Pillow to provide maximum comfort to your back, especially when you play or work for long hours. You can also recline your back as needed.
  • In addition to providing an attractive outlook, the dual colors combined seat also provides a large seating area to improve comfort.
  • The Ergonomic Armrests are wider and thicker with 3 dimensions of adjustment – Height adjustment, Angle adjustment, and Fore-Back adjustment.
  • The neck pillow provides proper neck support, so no neck pain is possible. It is often overlooked by regular chairs.
  • You can receive proper back support from the lumbar pillow, preventing back pain due to long-term use.
  • The chair is scientifically designed to support the body types of Indian consumers. Despite long periods of usage every day, there will never be leg or thigh pain with this gaming chair seat.
  • The armrests can be adjusted to 3 Dimensions, providing great arm support. Unsupported arms or arms kept on thick tables can cause arm and shoulder pain.

Detailed Review:

Green Soul is a well-known brand in the gaming industry, particularly in gaming chairs. Green soul gaming chairs are popular among gamers because they are ergonomically designed.
Also, the price of the green soul gaming chair is justified by its high quality. Green Soul sells multi-functional gaming chairs. One of them is the Green Soul Beast GS 600 Gaming Chair.

Green Soul offers a one-of-a-kind selection of world-class seating products. Green Soul creates task chairs that provide maximum support while encouraging dynamic movement.
Green Soul includes an Adjustable & Removable Headrest Pillow with the Green Soul Beast GS 600 Gaming Chair, allowing for maximum comfort customization.

It also includes another feature, Adjustable & Removable Lumbar Support Pillow, with this green soul gaming chair. Lumbar support provides maximum back comfort, especially when playing video games or working long hours. When necessary, the back can be reclined.

Green soul provides a dual colour combined seat that not only has an attractive appearance but also has a large seating area to improve your comfort.

Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair Review

A good armrest, in my opinion, is an essential component of any gaming chair. This green soul gs 600 has wider and thicker armrests with ergonomic shapes that can be adjusted in three dimensions: height, angle, and fore-back.

The gaming chair brand “Green Soul” offers gaming chairs that have been scientifically designed to support the body types of Indian users. Even after a long day of gaming, this green soul beast provides a painless gaming experience.

Armrests not only support your arms but also your shoulders, so when purchasing a gaming chair, consider the armrest. You won’t be concerned with this green soul beast GS 600 gaming chair because it has an adjustable 3D armrest to support your arms and shoulders.

Green soul beast GS 600 is a multi-functional gaming chair, which means it provides more support than others. The green soul beast GS 600 gaming chair allows you to customise every aspect of this green soul gaming chair.

This is one of the main reasons why people adore the Green Soul gaming chair. Because it’s great, comfortable, and simple to adjust.

This green soul gaming chair gs600 is constructed of high-quality materials that will not easily bend, break, or malfunction. It’s strong, stable, and long-lasting.

This green soul ergonomic chair has an integrated metal frame, a heavy duty base, the highest standard class 4 gas spring, and smooth-rolling casters, making it the best gaming chair in the Indian market.


Brand Green Soul
Form Factor Recliner
Back Style Solid Back
Colour Black White
Furniture base movement Swivel
Item Weight 20 kg


  • The price is good.
  • Because the material isn’t leather or synthetic, it doesn’t cause heat or sweat.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Design based on the racing style.


  • The headrest and backrest pillow supports are too thick. (but it all depends on personal choice).

Gaming Chairs India

8.9Expert Score
Real Beast

Green Soul offers a one-of-a-kind selection of world-class seating products. Green Soul creates task chairs that provide maximum support while encouraging dynamic movement.

Product Features
Easy to assemble
Value for money

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Specification: Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair Review – Buying Guide 2022


Green Soul

Form Factor


Back Style

Solid Back


Black White

Furniture base movement


Item Weight

20 kg

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  1. ViciVici

    The media could not be loaded.

     The chair is very comfortable even for a 53 Year Old man like me.It is excellent for long seating time and I use it for my Home Office to work on my computer or for just relaxing on while watching TV.I had a small problem with the Right Arm Support. I reported the matter on Amazon & the company got back to me within 1 hour with a telephone no of their support Person – “Ms Rakhi” I contacted Rakhi, and she asked for a Video of the problem on WattsApp & a replacement was sent ASAP without any bickering.Highly Recommended & can be bought without any further thought since the service is so good.

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  2. Sandeep SinghSandeep Singh

    I was confused between the beast and monster model, then decide to buy the beast model.The chair is quite comfortable, neck and lumbar support pillows are great for long work hours.The armrest can be adjusted according to your comfort.Really easy to assemble they also provide support in case you can’t assemble yourselfThis is the best ergonomic chair available in this budget range.The 2 years of warranty gives you Peace of mind if anything goes wrong.Many people reviewed that it will top over at 180 degree but I didn’t face this problem.15 degree tilt is good to take rest and swing on the chair.Only problem is, it accumulate dust due to the nylon fabric.

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  3. MohanMohan

    Let me start by saying that all positive reviews that you see about Green Soul products are genuine as there was nothing that I experienced differently.From tracking till assistance in assembly is all done professionally.Great quality and ergonomics, full marks on quality of parts and detailing.We should all encourage companies like Green Soul as these are examples of world class products from India.I recently started buying products from startups like Wakefit and Green Soul and i feel my money is well spent

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  4. SidSid

    I bought this product on 14 October 2018 and recieved it 1 month later. Their office or distributor seems to be located in Mumbai so it took them time to deliver. FedEx had shipped it.Pros:1. Good price2. Material used isnt leather or synthetic so it isnt causing any heat or sweat issue at all till now3. Foam Application is good … ( sort of .. read more to know )4. Has basically all features.Cons:1. Foam Application is good… but not as properly planned as you would expect. Where indicated with fingers in the pictures, the foam seems to be broken and simply slides around the iron bars causing the iron bar to constantly hit your leg and hurt you.2. Gathers a lot of debris real fast, you may or may not consider this depending whether you like the leather or this type of fabric that does not let heat and sweat collect.3. The headrest and backrest pillow supports are too thick.*** A note to all ************ Amazon weirdly didnt update my order even after i recieved it and was only updated after the product return date was already over, idk what the heck is that about but seriously be aware of this.Also dont just sign up for the warranty until the amazon date is over. Even when you are suggested to, be aware of the retailer and the seller descriptions. **********Detailed review:I received this product 1 month after purchase which was already noted on the website page ( amazon in this case ). The installation is pretty easy and straightforward. All details about wrenches and screws are already given with instructions about the installation process. However the problem comes when you try to get used to this chair. The structure of the chair has iron bars inside, rounded bars. This causes problems where the foam application is not appropriate and can cause serious discomfort and pain if used for long hours, which this chair is meant for. As you can see the side supports for legs, as denoted in the picture has some issues so i had to get the lower part replaced as i didn’t knew it was a model fault not a manufacturing fault. Sadly this design only has proper foaming till a point where the sitting area begins. To avoid overlapping and improper fit they made the foam adjustable which in fact exposes the iron rod that continuously hits your legs.Service being a really great area of this company, they had a constant connection with me via their employee through whatsapp, any problem i faced i had the contact in my hand and didn’t need to call the company or wait for hours for response. However they said my problem was first of the kind and they took quite some time to get this resolved, after waiting a few days they came up with the solution to either buy me a cushion to sit upon ( they would pay ) or i should get the lower sitting part replaced with them ( again shipping and everything they arrange ), all i had to was pack the seat properly.After getting a replacement which amazingly only took about 1 week or a little more, i had the replacement with me, only to notice it had gone under delivery faults. This of course i cannot blame on the company itself, but sadly on my luck. I didn’t have the patience to get it replaced again or any other action and am continuing to use it as it is.About service, before the product was reached, i was contacted by their employee directly through whatsapp and phone, from thereon i was in contact with them continuously. The contact person didn’t change and remained same, so it was easier for me to be in touch with them.The lumber support and the headrest cushion are too thick and contain same quality foam as the chair, therefore making it a little hard to get adjusted to and for them to take shape accordingly to your body’s pressure. Although i would recommend using them according to your sitting postures as they can help you improve your posture. When laying back or having your legs folded i remove both in order to rest my back fully on the back of the chair. The tilt of head portion on the chair is a tiny bit tighter, it is uncomfortable for long period use.Hopefully you find my review useful and informative, service is 10/10 no regrets about that, but remember you should know what you are buying, keep in mind the quality, the fabric, the tilt, the everything and other aspects to the product.

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  5. Arjun SArjun S

    Got it at an offer price on great Indian festival sale. Worth the buy if you are on a slightly stretchable budget from buying usual boring computer chairs. The build quality of the seat fabric is too good and is very comfortable for long hours of gaming, it makes some squeeky noise at one angle when I recline back and forth but again that can be neglected for the so many pluses it has on offer. The adjustable armrest is of great quality and feels sturdy on adjustments. Height of the chair doesn’t raise to a considerable extent compared to regular office chairs but is just perfect at highest position to my desk so not a problem for me but is a thing to keep in mind. The red perfectly blends in with my room and setup also looks premium for the price. You get a backrest pillow along with the chair which I personally found uncomfortable, you can see it hanged separately in one of the pictures😜. The most favourite part of the whole chair is the back recline function which is car like…… I mean I was shocked to see such a setup at this price. U pull a lever, push it back as much as you can and relax just like most car seats. It almost reclines close to 180 degrees.Overall an excellent product with fantastic customer support. One can blindly book a product from Green Soul, sit back and enjoy the chairs. Ooh and by the way be patient for the delivery, good products take time✌️Chair cushion – 10/10Underthigh support -10/10Side Bolstering -10/10Base and wheels – 10/10Lift mechanism – 9/10 (1 for the maximum height)Arm rests – 10/10Overall chair sturdiness – 9.5/10 (0.5 for some occasion noise) its plastic afterall😅

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  6. Koushik K.Koushik K.

    This chair is a great value, and I would recommend to anyone interested It’s very comfortable, the chair easy to assemble, I spend hours a day playing almost 8-9, this chair has been a Godsend. The back support is good. I’ve had it for three weeks now, I’ve received this thing before i expected and the customer service also goodComplaint about chairThe only complaint I have about a week after use is that sometimes my right arm gets a little bit uncomfortable from sitting on the arm rest over a long period of time

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